* Must read * After the boat sank, the sailors and five-seven skilled swimmers swam in the river to save their lives. On the other hand, the boat, leaving everyone in the river .. overtook itself. The survivors were presented to the king’s court – the king asked the sailor – How the boat sunk! Was there a hole in the boat? Sailor- No Chef! The boat was perfect. Maharaja – That means, you made the ride more! Sailor- No Chef! The rides were only according to the capacity of the boat and do not know how many times I have crossed the boat by riding more than that. King- There was no natural disaster like storm, storm! Sailor- The weather was pleasant and the river was very quiet, Maharaj. King – You did not drink alcohol. Sailor- No Chef! If you want, you can be satisfied by asking these people, these people have also returned alive by swimming with me. Maharaj- Then, what was wrong? How did such a big accident happen? Sailor- chef! The boat was moving freely in the river without moving. Then a man sitting in the boat spit inside the boat. I protested against stopping the rudder and asked “Why did you spit inside the boat?” He said in derision that “Will my boat spit sink the boat.” I said- “The boat will not sink, but we are drowning in shame because of this evil act of yours .. Tell! You are spitting in the boat which is carrying you across your chest from this side. King- Then? Sailor- Maharaj, he paid me so much money to pay the money to cross the river. Nobody realizes you and your boat. Raja (with astonishment) – what does it mean to give money! Spit in the boat? good! what happened then? Sailor- King, he started arguing with me. What were the people doing in the king-boat? Did they not oppose it? Sailor- Maharaj, it was not so .. Many people of the boat started opposing him with me. King- Then his morale will be broken. He must have realized his mistake. Sailor- It was not so, Maharaj! There were also some people in the boat who stood with him and divided the two camps within the boat itself. The passengers got stuck in the middle of the middle. King – Fight in a moving boat! You explained to them and did not stop .. Sailor- Roka Maharaj, pleaded with folded hands. I said, “The boat is in its fragile phase. At this time, even a little movement in the boat will become a threat to the lives of all of us” But who listens to me! Everyone broke up on each other. And the boat lost its balance in the middle stream, Maharaj. * The essence of the story *: – In this delicate period, keep the balance so that the balance of the boat is not lost due to loss to other companions. * Treatment *: – The thing should end all contact with the spitting people in the boat, so that the next time they will not be able to sit in the boat.

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