1.  Basil :   Tulsi is called Vishnupriya. In every auspicious work of Hindus, Tulsidal is used in the offerings of God. Where the basil plants are in excessive quantity, the air is pure and pure. Tulsi leaves contain a specific oil which purifies the disinfected air. Bacteria and viruses are destroyed. Doing pranayam by sitting near Tulsi, destroying bacteria and viruses, increases the strength, intelligence and ooze in the body. If you drink basil juice and water on an empty stomach in the morning, then strength, strength and memory increase. Tulsi has a specific alkali. If a person who has foul smell comes from his mouth, if he eats few leaves of basil regularly, then his odor goes away, the mind and voice remain in control. Tulsi’s touch and vision are also beneficial. Lord Vishnu is loved by three things – Lord Shankar, Tulsi and Amla. Tulsi is worshiped in our country because of its highest quality. Basil maintains the body’s electricity. The person wearing Tulsi garland gets relief from many diseases. Tulsidal is an excellent chemical. He is hot and anti-inflammatory. Blood disorders, fever, wind, cough, worm-preventive and beneficial for heart. Skin, flesh and bones are cured by taking white basil. White stains are removed by taking black basil. Basil root and leaves are useful in fever. Seed is good in semen. Fever, sluggishness, lethargy and gout disorders are cured by drinking tea of basil, hunger increases. Basil tea, basil, fennel, cardamom, mint, dry ginger, black pepper, Brahmi, cinnamon, etc. can be included. Mixing basil, black pepper and honey and making tablets by taking 1-1 gram in the morning, afternoon, evening and night, the fever is cured. Basil is a beauty, blood purifier. Mixing with basil juice and lemon juice in the morning and evening, rubbing on the face removes dark spots and enhances beauty. Milk should not be eaten after eating basil leaves. Tulsi is useful in malaria fever. Taking fever, 3 grams of basil juice, 3 grams ginger juice and one teaspoon honey is beneficial in fever, cough, breathing problems. It brings out phlegm and cures breathing. Jaundice is illuminated with basil juice. Basil is an anthelmintic. Putting salt in basil juice and pouring drops in the nose removes unconsciousness. Hiccups stop. Tulsi increases the kidney’s strength. Regulates cholesterol in the blood. With regular intake, acidity is eradicated, it provides relief in neuralgia, colds, colds, growth, menstrual diseases, grief, children’s diseases, especially cold, phlegm, diarrhea, vomiting etc. Has amazing benefits in heart disease. Tulsi is a panacea for intestinal diseases. French doctor Victor Racine has said: “Tulsi is a wonder drug. Experiments done on Tulsi have proved that Tulsi is very important in regulation of blood pressure, digestive system, increase in blood pressure and immunity and mental diseases. It is beneficial. Tulsi has proved to be very useful in malaria and other types of fevers. “ Tulsi not only cures the disease, but also helps in protecting celibacy and also increases memory power.

2:  Lemon juice –
Acidity (sour) toxin is produced in the body, lemon destroys bacteria and viruses. The potassium acid in the lemon acts to destroy toxins. The abundant vitamin ‘C’ increases the immunity of the body and is useful in scurvy diseases. Lemon keeps the heart healthy. Grapes are also beneficial in heart diseases.

Lemon is a antidote. It has more evidence of alkalinity than other fruits. Lemon juice is disinfectant. Uric acid is produced in the body due to guilty dieting. To destroy it, lemon juice should be taken in hot water in the morning on an empty stomach. Ginger juice is also useful. Lemon extracts uric acid by urination. Along with constipation, urination, blood loss, retardation, blood disorders, and skin diseases, this is an excellent treatment. Lemon juice cleanses the teeth and gums. He removes pyorrhea and mouth odor. Lemon is oxier for liver purification. Citric acid of lemon also destroys uric acid. Indigestion, medicine for chest burning, spleen, kalera, phlegm, cold, breathing etc. Typhoid animals are instantly destroyed in lemon juice. Lemon juice on an empty stomach destroys the worm producing unusable toxic acids. The use of lemon cools bile. Saliva from the mouth stops. Dr. Readymiller writes that the consumption of lemons for a few days can reveal the leukemia. There is a lot of freshness in the body as soon as the bleeding occurs. As soon as the poisonous elements are eliminated from the blood, the muscles of the body get new strength. Lemon cleans the entire body. Increases eyesight. The families in which people use one lemon every day are healthy, happy and happy.

Taking lemon juice mixed with honey in warm water gives complete relief in cold, phlegm, influenza etc. Long-term fasting can be cured by taking lemon, honey water.

Caution: phlegm

Permanent patients with cough, asthma, body pain should not take lemon. Low blood pressure, headache etc.

3: Madhu (Honey)-
Madhu is a perfect offering to man by nature which is one of the nectar of Panchamrit. Madhu is the best form of medicine in Ayurveda for the most part. Naturally, honey contains a lot of sugars. Madhu instantly provides strength and warmth to the muscles. Take one teaspoon of honey with water at night to get sleep properly. The stomach is clean. An empty stomach honey and lemon syrup makes one hungry.

Honey destroys bacteria. Honey is also good for patients with typhoid and caries.

Honey does not deteriorate even for thousands of years. Madhu is very useful in the development of children. If the child is given honey for the first nine months, then he will never have chest diseases. Honey increases the useful acicollis bacteria in the intestines. Madhu is the best nutritious food for weak and pregnant women. Madhu is longevity. Russian biologist Nicolina Siliv says at the end of the experiments that the business of 200 century-old people of Russia is to break the honeycomb and honey is their main diet.

There is no one in the world who has such a virtuous thing as honey to overcome weakness and increase power. Madhu gives strength to the muscles of the body. Therefore, honey is very useful for the heart, the most important muscle that does continuous work. Madhu feels hunger away from depression. There is growth of semen. Madhubala is the hive for everyone. The only food that can be given to children right after birth is honey.

The mineral elements of honey help in the growth of blood red particles. Pregnant and pregnant mother should also take honey for the child’s benefit. Madhu gives strength to the patient and weak. It gives strength to those who do physical work, because it does not require power to digest and reserves of power. The reason for these qualities of Madhu is the essence of Panchamabhuta. The last is juice. Madhu is a very healthy person and at the same time improves the color of the body, softens the skin and also enhances beauty. If honey is massaged on the face and body, the beauty becomes intact. Honey is also used in good soaps.

Taking bath with a mixture of honey, lemon, gram flour and water makes the face attractive and beautiful. The intake of honey makes the throat sweet, melodious and sweet. Divine qualities increase. Human beings become rational and virtuous.

Madhu is a panacea for body, mind, heart disease, pain, indigestion, constipation, phlegm, cough, semen, insomnia, fatigue, air disorders and many other diseases.

Honey can be taken with every food item. One can take honey in milk (freshly extracted) and fruit juice. It is advisable to take honey in cold water. Honey should not be heated. Eating fish, honey and milk together causes leprosy. Taking honey with lotus seeds, radishes, meat is prohibited. Water of honey and baris should not be drunk in the ocean. Thereafter, taking the same amount of honey with fatty substances like ghee, oil is similar to poison. Packed in bottles, the artificial honey sold at the laboratory, which is sold in stores, does not benefit as much as the real honey.

4: Banana- 
Generally, there is a belief in people that banana does not digest quickly and causes constipation. This is the result of eating the banana which is not fully cooked. If the banana peel has got a black spot on it and after lifting it up by holding the bunch, consider the banana to be cooked properly. Such bananas are not very heavy.

Regularly using bananas leads to growth of flesh and blood in the body. The body becomes strong. Chinese athlete Linning, a gymnastics gold medalist in Asia, has a personal opinion that the secret to his success is banana. He eats six bananas before entering any event. Other Chinese players also have a favorite dose of bananas. Bananas are also a boon for weight gain. Use of banana is beneficial for regular exercisers. Banana should not be eaten by the patient of phlegm, constipation and obesity.

5: Earth’s nectar: Cow’s Milk –
Cow’s milk is the best diet on earth. He has been called the nectar of death. There is no other superior substance like cow’s milk which enhances the power and strength of human beings in this triloki. It is used in making panchamrit.

Cow’s milk is yellow and has gold-like properties.

Only cow’s milk contains vitamin A, not any other animal’s milk.

Cow’s milk is superior in chronic diseases, mental diseases, unconsciousness, confusion, spleen, panduro, dah, trisha, heart disease, colic, gulm, blood disease, vaginitis etc.

All types of diseases and old age are destroyed by consuming cow’s milk daily. It produces immediate semen in the body.

Due to allopathy medicines, chemical fertilizers, pollution etc., the milk, which has the power to destroy toxins and increase the immunity of miraculous diseases in the body through air, water and diet.

Sweets made from milk of other animals deteriorate quicker than sweets made from cow’s milk.

Tuberculosis (T.B.) is eliminated by feeding the cow with asparagus and keeping the patient on the milk of that cow.

The cow’s milk is inhabited by divine elements. Due to the greater element of cow’s milk and less and less earth element, the person is gifted and his eclipse power blossoms. Oz-sharp increases. In this Milk the existing ‘cerebrosadus’ element is helpful in the development of mind and intellect.

Only cow’s milk contains the Stronitan element which is resistant to atomization.


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