What Kind Of Fruit A Man Gets By Planting And Serving Which Tree.

1: – A person who plants fruitful trees, plants etc. in his home and takes good care of him, he gets health.

2: – If a person who plants 5 Vat trees and follows them in any intersection or route, then seven generations are lost.

3: – The tree or garden planter attains fame.

4: – Whoever plants the Bilva tree in the Shiva temple gets rid of premature death.

5: – Planting a Peepal tree on the side of the road, and one who obeys it, obtains heaven.

6: The more the man who plants the neem tree, the more his generations get absorbed.

7: – Tulsi, Amla, Nirgundi, Ashoka, etc. trees are auspicious in the house.

8: – By planting 11 trees of rosewood on the road, both this world and the hereafter are decorated.

9: – The planter of Kanaka Champa gets welfare for all.

10: – Planting and rearing 5 or more mahua trees gets the money. And he starts getting the fruits of yagyas accordingly.

11: – The one planting 10 peepal trees gets fame in this world, salvation is attained even after death. There is no doubt about it.

12: – Whoever planting and rearing 2 or more Maulashree trees on the roadside. He attains the virtue of performing one hundred yagyas.

13: – Whoever plants and maintains 5 or more Ashoka trees, there is no premature death in his family. There is no sudden trouble in him and he has the privilege of being a virtuous in the upcoming birth.

14: – Planting of 5 or more mango trees – A follower can get the fruits of many rare sacrifices.

15: – Those who follow the planting of 5 trees of tree, get the benefit of the equivalent of the donation of 10 cow animals. Pallas trees should be planted on the roadside or in a large area. It should not be planted at home.

16: – Any person who plants 2 or more Harsingar (Parijat) plants in the temple of Sri Hanuman ji or on the banks of the river or any social site, then he gets the virtue equivalent to a goal Tola gold donation and he lives The blessings of Lord Hanuman are available all over.

17: – Anyone who planting 5 or more bilva trees on Monday, on the day of Pradosh, on Shivratri, on any day in Shravan Moss or on the day of Shivayoga, and also regularly follows it, gets Shivlok. If any man plants these trees in the Shiva temple or near the temple, then he is certainly a participant in some kind of virtue and he gets immense compassion of Lord Shiva on his family.

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