When the corona virus began to spread, Mongolia took sensible precautions.It affects borders crossing from china. But as a result of migration of individuals from one country to a different country cause the outbreak of corona in many countries.
European countries are hit much harder than Asian countries and have spread the virus significantly quite other regions. Condition of Italy because of this becomes very pathetic. Common symptoms of corona virus are dry cough, fever and difficulty in breathing.
Today corona virus is main issue in India. It’s increasing day by day. Within the last 24 hours, 235 new corona several cases of virus has been reported within the country, the entire number has reached to 2069, including 53 deaths. PM Modi had a video call with chief minister discussing about staggered movement of individuals after the lockdown.PM Narendra Modi said in next few weeks testing, tracing, isolation and quarantine should remain focus areas. He also focused on maintenance of essential medical products, availability of material for the manufacture of medicines and medical equipment.
World Bank has also approved 1 billion dollars emergency financing for India. In line with the Delhi Health Department, 129 new cases were reported from the Nizamuddin Markaz during a day. A complete 182 people tested positive. India’s economy has affected badly because of this corona virus.
World economy will enter recession this year because of corona pandemic predicted a loss of trillion of dollars. Clinical trials norms are often eased for creating corona vaccines. The globe economy is badly suffering from the lockdown. The share market is badly affected because the Nifty and Sensex has largely subside .
Everything is uncertain But lockdown is a must need of the hour. As we all nothing is more important than life. Social distancing is must to safeguard our life from severe consequences. This lockdown is must otherwise our country is going to be behind 21 years. We’ve got to be to very patient while this lockdown and that we all need to be positive if we are positive then we aren’t easily caught by diseases.
We all need to take necessary precautions to safe ourselves from corona we’ve to sanitize and wash our hands. We’ve to stay social distancing. Using elbow while sneezing. We’ve to require this very serious because it is a concern about life and death. We’ve to support our PM Narendra Modi as if he’s sending their messages to public again and again then we’ve to be very serious. We even have to be kind and respectful towards everyone. We’ve to obey social distancing but side by side we’ve got to assist others also and ensure that nobody dies of starvation. Show your kindness towards everyone even street dogs if possible provide them with food. But keep social distancing because it’s vital to save your life. Remember be careful with everything. Don’t leave your homes unless it is very necessary. We all need to be strong at the time of crisis and we all need to be positive. Our positivity brings tons of change within us and in our surroundings.

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