Acasual discussion with my designer friend Sujata Sarawgi really opened my eyes.

She said detergents are a marketing gimmick, our clothes don’t need to be washed with soap at all. We aren’t labourers and sweaty grimy people. Most often we don’t even sweat at all being in AC all day.

As a result, our clothes don’t need to be washed with soap at all. I tried this for a week – 10 days and results are too good.

All clothes are sun dried or air dried for a few hours. When I wear them again they are fresh.

Nighties, pyjamas and home clothes are now not washed at all in my house. I’ve also stopped ironing them….merely fold them neatly.

Office clothes and others clothes I sweat in are soaked for a while in plain water then they are hung dry. Totally fresh. Little dirt and grime are totally washed away.

I add some salt to the water if I notice cuffs and collars are slightly black or gray. Totally clean when they are rinsed in running water and hung to dry.

Gym clothes and undies are still thrown in the washing machine. Earlier we ran the machine everyday….now it’s once a week. Saving water and polluting detergents this way.

Please do try this and we can all save thousands of litres of water.

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