1.Do not remain empty stomach for 1 long
2. Do not fast.
3.Take 3 hours of morning sunlight
4 .Do not use cold things
5.Drink  hot water, keep the throat wet
6 .Mustard oil in the nose
7 .Burn incense at home with camphor, long and google.
8. Add half teaspoon dry ginger or raw ginger dal to the vegetable.
9. Do not eat curd at night
10. Drink milk by adding one cup of turmeric to children and to yourself at night.
11. If possible eat a spoonful of Chawanprash
12.Drink one clove, basil leaf, cinnamon pepper, etc. in  teas.
13.Eat more vitamin C oranges, mosquito lime in fruits
14. Amla should be used in any form like pickle, jam, powder juice, etc.
15 .Do not leave the house as much as possible.
16 .Ignore rumors.
17.Stayed on the phone with friends and loved ones keeping  social distances.
18 .Keep patience, determination, courage and self-strength
19. Spend time in your favorite activities such as listening to music, gardening, performing havan puja, kirtan, exercise, yoga, meditation, self-healing, reading, etc. while being supportive and joyful with the family.
Follow 20 government instructions.
If you want to defeat Corona, please do all this.
In public interest and national interest
You are requested to share this information with your people as well. Best wishes.
Jay Hind

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