Dr. Anubha Chauhan

Famously known as “Jhola Woman” . Multi Award winner

Professor, Trainer and Image consultant by profession, classical dance performer by hobby, environmentalist and social worker by passion. With a natural inclination towards social work she has run many social projects related to women empowerment, road safety, and awareness about well being of environment. She promotes ‘Jhola-Abhiyan’ as she believes our personality exhibits and reflects in the way we nurture our environment and keep our surroundings. She strongly believes this is the high time to take a corrective action within our-self and among societiesby becoming a change agent for others.
‘Project Green Parindey’ is her initiative. She is the project head of this project. This time she is determined to run this project the longest ever and aggressive enough because this is related to enforcing new habits against age old habits of using plastics bags and other single use plastic products.

Dr. Vandana Rajput

One of leading gynecologist of Uttarakhand, she believes that every human’s aim is to live healthy life cannot be achieved without a healthy environment. She feels it’s a great initiative to begin with, and being a Doctor her role has a bigger responsibility towards the society and environment. She promotes ‘Jhola-Abhiyan’ and feels it can make a big difference and could bring responsiveness in the society.

Entrepreneur, Ship Chartering & Voyage Management  & Restaurant  Committed to a clean, plastic free, green India.Founder Member of Shramdaan, Nationwide organisation on cleaning India. He consider using single use plastic as criminal and his restaurant is totally plastic free.

Well known writer and poet, published 14 books so far, associated with Joint Aviation Authorities Training Organization (JAATO) Amsterdam, also he is a Human Performance Technologist, IATA Geneva Switzerland. His articles and research papers are published in international journals. He is visiting faculty for leading management institutes including IIMs and IAS training academy Mussoorie. He is one of the think-tank and motivator for this ‘Jhola-Abhiyan’; he believes that small change in habit can make a big difference in the environment.

piyush darbar

Textile & Dying Engineer

Mechanical Engineer by profession, writer by hobby, creative designer by passion, determines to run this project successfully by designing new and improved environment friendly products.

abhishek pundeer

Lawyer by profession, he is the legal arm of our Raghukul Aryawart. Since long he is running a campaign against the cutting of trees for road widening and lane widening activities in Uttrakhand. He has been emphasizing alternative policies not to cut the trees but to shift these to other places. He promotes the ‘Jhola-Abhiyan’ because he believes that continuous repetition for a simple change can make different India and World.

Himanshu Sharma

Information Technology Professional by profession, web based solution designer by hobby, social activist by passion, he is the creative media arm for this project.

devangna gaur

Young, dynamic management student, she has the role to create mass awareness among students of various colleges in India under this project, as we know this work is ‘for people only by people only’.