Thursday, Jan 23, 2020

Shared By :Raghukul Aryawart


 Water is holy,
 Water is pure!
 Water is essential,
 Water is life!
 Water is in lakes,
 Water is in ground! 
 Water is also on earth, 
 Water is also in the sky! 
 Water animals also need, 
 Water bird also needs!
 Man also needs water, 
 Water is needed by every animal!
 Should also drink water,
 Water is also needed
 Want water as soon as you wake up in the morning,
 Water is needed even before sleeping at night!
 Water is the basis of life,
 All life is based on water!
 All work is done by water,
 All lives are deserted without water!
 What is grain without water,
 What to know without water!
 There are no humans without water,
 There is no God without water!
 Ganga becomes pure water
 Yamuna becomes water to inspire people!
 Even water like a sea,
 Even pure water like rivers!
 Water without hearing the world,
 What world without water!
 Water required for every task,
 Water used to come in everything!
 Water in the rain
 Watering the fields
 Water found in canals,
 Flowing from the rain yesterday
 Yes, water is infinite,
 Most holy Ganges water!
 Water is a source of greenery,
 Water is a unique part of mass production!
 Water permeates every particle
 But water is still desperate!
 He used to satisfy everyone with selflessness,
 Still water is in danger today!
 A farmer cultivates his farm through water,
 Water is nectar for a thirsty one!
 Yes, water is the most pure,
 Yes,water is life indeed!
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