WASHINGTON (Sept. 25, 2009) A Revolutionary War painting depicting the Continental Navy frigate Confederacy is displayed at the Navy Art Gallery at the Washington Navy Yard. The Navy Art Gallery has a collection of more than 15,000 paintings, prints, drawings and sculptures depicting naval ships, personnel and combat actions from all eras of U.S. naval history. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kenneth G. Takada/Released)
The helmsman and other five – seven swimmer by swimming in river save their lives  and boat moves forward by living everyone behind.
The people who are saved have to confront king. The king ask helmsman how the boat sink?? Was there any hole in the boat??
Helmsman- No king the boat is perfectly fine.
king-That means you took more passengers
Helmsman-No king, I took only that number of passengers that the boat can handle. And so many times I took more passengers than this time and made the boat reached to its destination.
King- There is no natural calamity also
Helmsman- Weather and flow of river was fine also.
King- Had you consume alcohol??
Helmsman- No, You can conform from this people they also come alive with me by swimming.
King – Then how such a big incidence can happen??
Helmsman- My boat is going slowly and smoothly. Then someone split inside the boat and I spoke against him then he made a fun” By spilitting inside the boat, the boat won’t be drowned.
I said the boat will not drown but we are ashamed by your behaviour. The boat which is taking you from one point to another point by giving you place in its heart. You are  spilitting in that boat.
King- Then
Helmsman- In meanwhile that people lose his temper and spoke I pay you for this. You and your boat us not doing any favor on me
King- What is meaning of giving money? That you can split in boat. Then?
Helmsman- He started arguing with me.
King- What the other people in the boat are saying. Were other people not against him?
Helmsman – No king nothing like that….. Some people in the boat was with me and against him.
King- Then he may realised his mistake.
Helmsman- No king. There were some people in the boat who was with him. And two group become in the boat and they started arguing with each other.
King- They fought in moving boat. You had not stopped them.
Helmsman- I stopped them. I requested them that boat is not in proper condition. And a little movement in the boat is dangerous for everyone. But no one has listen to me and boat lose its balance.
Moral – Be stable in this unpredictable situation so that if boat loses its balance then it won’t affect others.
Remedy- Do away from those people who split in boat. So that next time they are not in condition to sit in boat.
By Rhythm Pasricha

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