Why we need to be Positive Affirmations during corona pandemic? Friends, at present, along with other countries of the world, our country is also facing the disease of Corona virus, this is the main preventive measure from this disease, which our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has given a guideline that we should not be out of the house In such a situation, there is a situation of fear while living in the house. In this state of fear, people who are psychopathic or suffering from mental problems have this kind of situation. End may have very negative effects have went to a finished medicines some people who are unable to get drugsThe second fear situation has a bad effect on emotional people even without wanting to face it.

Some Cyclical Measures Are Being Given To Face And Save Such Situation: –

1. Do not tell emotional people and psychiatrists what the impact of the virus is on the country at this time or how severe it can be.2. Such people should avoid watching such TV news3. Do not listen as much as possible, think about its losses4. This guideline is for all people that never watch the news at night while sleeping and getting up in the morningA major cyclical reason for this is that our subconcious mind is open for 20 minutes before going to sleep and 20 minutes after getting out of sleep in the morning. If any negative thoughts went into the subconcious mind then it can lead to negative events like this Time should be used for pleasant thoughts and joyful actions

People Who Are Psychopathic Or Suffering From Mental Problems Can Use These Positive Affirmations: –

1. Use this experiment for anxiety, restlessness, fear, nervousness, insecurity, fear of dying, etc. “I am healthy, happy and completely safe” 2. Use this experiment for depression, insomnia, tension, anger, irritability, dryness etc. “I am a quiet simple bliss” Friends, this experiment is completely scientific, I have given it to thousands of people who have got very good results, the work for which the work is for it has given its full results, how is the science behind how they work? Will be mentioned in the next post

Method: – While Uttering This Positive Affirmation While Sleeping At Night, If You Get Lost In Some Other Thought, Then If You Remember Nothing, Then Keep Repeating The Affirmation, Then Go To Sleep While Doing So In The Same Sleep-Like State When You Wake Up In The Morning Recite This Experiment While Lying In Bed For 10 Minutes And Get Up From The Bed And Start Your Routine Work.

Apart from this, if there are any negative thoughts in the day, then leave those thoughts there and do not try to remove them, just keep on pronouncing this experiment until it seems that the negative thought has gone out of the mind. Apart from this, if you are facing any other mental problems, then you can also call for his enduring suggestions. Friends, at this time you can help such friends who need such help by sharing this post. Jai hind, Jai Bharat!Positive Affirmations


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