Sawaan Month In The Times Of Corona Virus

In the month of Sawan, many people go out of their homes on foot, from Sultanganj in Bihar Jharkhand to Baidyanathdham, Haridwar in North India, Pura Mahadev and others to offer Ganga water on the Shivling at their nearest famous Shivamandiro. Often this journey is about 200 kilometers, which takes five-seven days to complete. Now if it takes 5 days in 200 kilometers, then obviously it will take five times in a thousand kilometers i.e. at least 25 days? Most of these laborers who are seen coming on foot to come home, they are the ones who have done this journey in Sawan once or more in life. They can also do a minor calculation. Then what is the reason that even after experience and understanding, they are bent on such audacity? This is because the ships of the Middle East, where a dinar comes here and gets more than a quarter to two hundred rupees, ships were sent to bring laborers from those countries, but the factory land here when the factory is closed But the poor man who slept was Mazur, the Kejriwal government of Delhi did not even open a stadium for him. Where will he go? The BJP did not because they were not “community specific”. Where would they get a chance to pat themselves on the back? The last time a Kandahar plane hijacked, a journalist with strange hair was instigating the relatives of the passengers. Do anything but telling our relatives to bring back pressure from Lao. Earlier, military bases were discovered in Kargil with her help and later she was helping the Islamic terrorists in the Mumbai attacks. His fellow journalists will now be able to show exquisitely how the poor have left for their homes. The question is, why are they not asking the right questions to the right people? Why did these batches leave Delhi only? After all, Bihari laborers also go to Mumbai, Madhya Pradesh, Kolkata and Gujarat too! It happens everywhere, but it does not have to run from there. Why did it have to run away from Delhi only to save its life? Why only Bihari, that ninety-year old old woman of a family was also in Rajasthan! After all, why the government of Delhi’s Kejriwal gang is so insensitive that its schools, its stadium doors do not open to give them space? After all, why do his DTC buses leave them to leave the border? The rest remembers that Kejriwal had given journalists a tingle of Majithia. If the language still trembles while asking tough questions in his greed, then remember Mr. Ramdhir Singh Ji – Mian does not look good, son will not be able to do with you! Do workers not live in Mumbai? Don’t laborers live in Chandigarh, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Indore, Bangalore ?? Has there been such a panic in laborers elsewhere? So why this chaos in Delhi itself ?? Is this Kejriwal doing it intentionally? What kind of politics is this? What kind of governance is this? The workers of Bihari and Uttar Pradesh living in Delhi cut off electric water. Kejriwal kept flaunting his politics on TV again and again, but Kejriwal’s team kept these workers safe till June 1, their children were given a drop of milk. From above, the infamous gang of AAPYO created a chaotic situation all over Delhi by spreading the rumor of settling for UP Bihar. Turned entire Delhi into a #Corona bomb for the country. I must also admit that all this is being done without knowledge of Kejriwal. But in the Aam Aadmi Party, all the Muslim workers are full. According to him, these Hindu majority workers of UP Bihar must have been knocking. Because the money that Corona’s help has to be grabbed, only the ones who want to do this help to the monkey. No one believes it or not, but a new regulator of war has been created in the world. The name of this new regulator is biological warfare. Virus bombs will be released in it, not atomic bombs as a firearm. This bomb has just been released as a warning. The whole world is looking at China and North Korea as the culprits. Indian scriptures mention the demon emperor with two siblings, such as Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaksha, Sunda and Upasund, Shumbha and Nishumbha etc. Even today, two names (China and North Korea) are floating in the air. Currently, China and North Korea aim to win a trade war waged by the USA. But it is not a matter of China to defeat the united states and Europe. This is a war of gods and demons. The defeat of the gods will be a sign of destruction of humanity. The damage has been done to Europe and America, but there has not been a lockdown cinema for Chinese entertainment, because there are enough logistics available with the doctors. Europeans and their descendants are brave Americans. They accept the sacrifice of sick old people, not the defeat of war. The demon has made Italy a panic-center in Europe and Iran in the Middle East. It has been warned through these countries that if you do not surrender, then you will be in ruin like Italy and Iran. The USA once made the world proud by dropping atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Today China and North Korea together want to achieve the same notoriety. Biological warfare will not be limited to just corona. But like the bacteria, we will conquer the virus soon. Need is the mother of invention. India does not have the resources available in Europe and America, but our biology is unique. Our immunity level is also much higher than Europe and America. India is a country of spicy curry with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and roundworms, like China, soya sauce and cheese like America. Just adopt social distancing. Go back to your homes. Then even Corona will not be able to get your hair done.

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