Corona virus is a virus which spread from person to person .When people come in close contact with one another and through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. The common symptoms of corona virus is fever, dry cough and respiratory problem.
The total global cases of COVID-19 have surpassed 500000. Due to this there is a lockdown in almost every country for protecting the individuals from this virus. Corona virus impact the economy badly . Sensex in India fall from 44000 to 29000 and Nifty from 12000 to 8000. The RBI due to this cut repo rate by 75 BPS and reverse Repo by 90 BPS. IMF chief said “It is cleared that we have entered a recession which is worse than 2009”
 Lockdown in India due to Corona virus may cost the economy Rs 8.76 lakh crore . This lockdown is causing huge disruption across multiple sectors , including manufacturing oil. The situation become worse day by day and the main concern is to protect the countries  people from corona virus.
So everyone have to take measures to protect ourselves from corona virus.  As Corona virus issue is increasing day by day and the life of the whole country is at risk . So we all have to stay at home , we have to wash and sanitize our hand again and again, we have to use our elbows while sneezing rather than hand, maintain social distancing.
Yes economy is falling badly and it will recover after 2 to 3 years . But individuals life will not recovery. So it essential to follow the rules of government and follow this lockdown properly. As said by Mr Narendra Modi “Jaan hain tabhi Jhaan hai”. So everyone has to stay at home and maintain social distancing”
It’s everyone responsibility to follow government rules so that everyone stay safe .
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