I am writing this after a lot of contemplation.
At the outset let me make it very clear that my intention is not to start a debate.
Many of you know I am a BSF Officer’s spouse and have lived in Kashmir .
We shifted to Kashmir when it was going through one of the roughest phase in the early 90s – when Kashmir was literally and figuratively burning.
There was no mobile phones, with no internet. The officers and jawans would be on duty in the Batallion region and we lived in the Headquarters, a few kilometres away with no connection with them whatsoever sometimes for days together .
We didn’t have access to any online shopping ( no food delivery , no amazon , no Big basket, no Myntra ) . There was no kind of entertainment for the children either except for indoor games and nobody to play with except their siblings.
A van would go into town amongst tight and heavy cordon get vegetables, fruits and the necessary ration for a couple of weeks. If we didn’t get any due to Jammu- Srinagar roadblocks, we would make do with dry ration.
I would call my parents whenever we could get network which was probably once a month, but life went on.
I learnt to travel to school in a convoy with guards wearing bullet proof jackets and carrying rifes! Everyday we were grateful for reaching back home unharmed and alive.
We lived in houses that had windows barricaded with sandbags and balconies covered with canvas. We did not step out into the open for fear of being attacked with rocket launchers, missiles and other firearms.
There were threats issued at times and the whole area was under lockdown.  At times there will be complete lights off and people would keep their kids inside , would have minimal lights , would pray that we just survive another day , pray for their husbands who were away for duty . It was the toughest time of my life but by God’s grace we survived. 🤗🤗
Why am I sharing all of this ?
 Because I am deeply pained seeing all the cribbing going on for everything locked down , lack of grocery available , maids not coming home , kids can’t go out blah, blah ..
Yesterday I saw a news channel showing a street full of people ignoring the call for safety and shopping for essentials in such close proximity to each other.
Just Imagine if it was not a lockdown due to a virus but an actual WAR .
 Would you still like to send your kids outside ?
Would you still go for a walk ?
Would you still crib if you had limited grocery ?
Then why crib now ?
 Did I do anything heroic ? NO .
I just did whatever was necessary for a very basic human instinct- SURVIVAL .
I had made a choice of getting married to a fauji and I embraced it .
We have the same choice now ,  to embrace the situation .  Embrace the situation for yourself , for your kids , for your future generation.
You can be your own Hero ❤️ You are a soldier now , Please abide by your Duties 🙏🙏
You can fight this situation and would have this story of bravery you can tell to your future grandchildren .
Can we please rise above all our political inclination just thi once ???
Can we please rise above individualism ??
Can we please rise above religion??
This isn’t about politics anymore. It’s not about which government is in power and their past mistakes, their present intervention or future policies. Your children will definitely remember how their parents taught them and reacted in the time of a pandemic and feel proud of you .
Now is the time to show solidarity , after all social distancing doesn’t cost anything . After all , staying at home doesn’t need a budget allocation, does it ?
While you are at home now..
Teach your kids RESILIENCE
Teach your kids ART OF SURVIVAL
Teach your kids LIFE SKILLS
Teach your kids PATIENCE
This Too Shall Pass , trust me .
 Please let’s spread positivity and see the greater good of our nation .
PS: This is my life’s story so please respect it for what it is. If your views are political/religious, please find another platform to share it. I am not inviting a political/ religious debate. 🙏🙏🙏
Take care and stay safe.
Prasanna Dhamodaran

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