Nothing more than an exception I was for you,
And now see what I have become of being just an exception for you!

She was all alone,
No one along her!
And she was betrayed,
For being loyal to her thoughts and her own self!

Alone she went to battle,
No one with her!
Silent she was,
Fiercer she was!

She wasn’t sad,
She was broken!
Was a pure soul,
Now a broken stone!

She wasn’t selfish,
She was selfless!
She wasn’t beautiful,
She was amazingly pious!

No one to believe,
No one to get along!
All two faced,
All full of greed!

Leaving wasn’t an option,
It was her choice!
The choice of her own,
The choice of finding her own self!

Now she is no more herself,
No longer her own self!
A broken but a tree full of fruits for others,
Just no longer for her own self!

Again she left,
Again she joined!
And again she left,
And again she joined!

A stone her heart,
A dreadful dream for herself!
A heart attack she got,
And she left her own self!

Her silence killed,
Her smile won hearts!
Her heart now a stone,
Her smile no more with her!

She left the chaos,
She joined peace!
Alone she walked all ways,
Matured and more pure she became!

Alone she walked all ways,
Matured and more pure she became!
Never ever did she betray anyone,
But she was betrayed everytime by everyone!

She never wanted fame,
She never wanted any importance!
She needed peace,
She needed happiness!
At last she found peace,
Everyone saying *REST IN PEACE*!

Like love she came into your life,
And ah she was nothing more than just an exception for you in your life!
After being broken up completely,
She conquered the world alone and alone she finally *RESTED IN PEACE* finally away from you, your life and her life as well!


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