Everything at it’s place,
Just people at their residential place!

All the people in their house,
Waking up late and making all proud!

Being locked inside the home for nice,
Fighting against the evil called the corona virus!

The lazy people sleeping till late,
The cozy people busy doing cuddles!

All the men busy updating themselves with news timely,
All the women doing their house hold work gleefully!

Happy to see all her people at a place,
Happy to get the opportunity of spending some quality time with her people at her place!

Men watching news,
Women busy making snacks and cookies!

Children playing in their rooms,
Enjoying holidays between their exams!

All are Happy, United and Happy Staying back at home,
Making their home a playground, news studio & gaming zone!

Oldies chanting innumerable Bhagwat Gita Mantras,
Granies busy making sweets and teaching the importance of public curfews!

The morning happened lazily,
The afternoon went hazzily!

And then the evening made it’s move,
The clock stoked 5:00 PM in the clock!

People ready with their innumerable music instruments,
Different people, Different Music Instruments!

Some with utensils,
Some with tensiles!

All with a mood of happiness,
Aware and in the mood of creating awareness!

All banging on their utensils,
All fighting and saying *GO CORONA GO*!

*Other than India-Pakistan Cricket World Cup,*
*All the Indians were together for this Nobel cause!*

Be it celebrity, Be it beggar,
All United for making a move!

Those five minutes were awesome,
But Indians you know they continued it till 5: 30 PM you know!

Then the day ended,
And the night made it turn!

The day ended beautifully,
The Public Curfew was a Success!

*Thanks To Our Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi for this move,*
*And Thanks to all the Indians who gave the support!*

*Salute to all the Doctors, Nurses, Policemen and Soilders of our Nation,*
*Making their move and saving us from this epidemic called CO-VID 19!*

Bharuch gujrat

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