By our Indian Vedic knowledge, at time of any difficulty we should always trust on our ‘powerful mind’, Atam-Bal and Atm-Sanyam are two very powerful state of mind always help us and save us. Though there is no equivalent vocabulary in English of these words, Atam-Bal is close to Self-Power and Atm-Sanyam is self-restraint. One can see these virtues of mind as opposite to each other, but these are not!


In a difficult time Atam-Bal gives us all required characteristics of helping and uniting others selflessly. And Atam-Sanyam gives all the power to control of our mind as per the need of situation ahead.


People in lockdown feeling bore, missing their whisky and beer and going mad. Their power of restraint is not derived from strong mind but the fear of death.

A strong positive mind generates a balanced culture in the society, since thousands of years Yogis and Gurus in Indian culture have been practicing of doing regress fasting, they stop talking for years, they stop moving and do their meditation at one place for years these are the ways they upsurge their Atm-bal and Atam sanyam.


The world is facing pandemic COVID-19 issue and our planet is on the halt! Our corona warriors police, doctors, paramedical staff, cleaning staff and the personnel doing essential duties putting all their efforts to make the situation reverse and certainly we will win.

I think this is the right time when we are on short break from our commercial activates to think and to assimilate few drops of ancient wisdom of Mind power and art of Self-restraining, wisdom of selfless helping, importance of doing work by our hands, wisdom of cleanliness, wisdom of limitation of physical world, the limitation of science of explaining ancient knowledge, to understand that we know so less about the nature & rules of creation but still we want to overpower it, wisdom of not killing animals just for our food, wisdom of unity for greater cause, wisdom of understanding that we are here for limited time, wisdom of kind-karmas, wisdom of true happiness, wisdom of satisfaction when you feed somebody needy, wisdom of  वसुधैव_कुटुम्बकम् i.e considering the whole planet as one big family.

Lets join our hands and learn the art of gratitude and be thankful for everything you have and invest sometime in seclude. This is the best time to halt and examine our course of actions of past, present and future. This is the best time to correct the wrong into right, this is the best time to inculcate some wisdom into our actions in spite of waiting eagerly for opening of the Bars, Pubs and Restaurants.

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